This Will Make You Stand Up and Cheer


Why no charge? Because we're just so excited to share these.

Really. We'd rather give these team photos away for free than let them languish because people are hung up on "What is that going to cost?" We've answered that question with a big, fat "zero." Don't let price tag fear stop you. Let us create awesome, high-impact, intense photos for your team.

Who is this for?

Are you on a volleyball team? Football? Baseball, basketball, hockey, cheerleading, soccer? Basically, if you take to the field, the court, the stage, or the ice with a group of like-minded friends and do your best to crush the competition - these photos are right up your alley. (And speaking of alleys - bowling teams welcome, too.)


Our awesome in-studio white set. We can take clean, high-res photos of every member of your team there - and then work our compositing magic to get everyone in the same frame. (Showing their best game face, of course.)


At your convenience. We know, it's hard enough to get the whole team together for a practice, never mind for a photo shoot. But never fear - the way we do this means that we don't have to shoot everyone at once. It is easier for us - and more fun for the team - if we can work in groups, though. We'll work with you to make sure we get everyone from the team captain to the ball boy.

How can we afford to do this free of charge?

That's a good question. But we think a better one is: how can we afford not to? We love working with high school students. And the energy of a team is such a blast. And we have these cool, new, cutting edge tools that we really want to play with.

Once created, we'll turn the team photos into posters. You'll get 10 complimentary copies to sell as a fundraiser or use as you see fit. And if you sell out, you can order more for a nominal fee.

Individual photos, like this one of our fabulous senior model, Paige, can be created at a parent's request. Ask about our package pricing for individual shots. Of course, we hope you will think of us when it's time for senior photos.

Let's chat to see if this will work for you ...

If you're a member of an unstoppable, super-charged team that's looking for more than the boring "in the gym" team photo ... if you're the parent of an intense, committed athlete ... if you coach a group of awesome kids who make you proud every time you watch them do their stuff ... we should talk. We'd love to create cool, cutting-edge team photos for you today.

To schedule our first chat:

If you'd like to to talk with us to find out the specifics, and what we can do to help you get stunning team photos, let's schedule a time where you can come by and we can have a brief chat.

There's no cost and no obligation, but you can see what we're all about. Take a tour of where we make the magic happen. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your team.

If we find that we can work together, awesome. If we find that we're not a good match, no hard feelings. We'll still root for your team to win.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 603.673.8200

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