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Why you absolutely, positively need to look your best

Your headshot is your representative in the field ... the first impression your prospect receives about you.

Whether you want to portray yourself as competent, confident, professional, happy, warm, friendly, or something else, we guarantee we'll find your photogenic strengths to project your desired message, producing an image that will create the exact impression and impact you're looking for.

Personal Coaching makes all the difference:

You are unique. Who you are as a person, where your strengths lie - those qualities belong to you alone. To show your specific personal strength in your photo, along with the personality and core values you want your prospects to see, we need to define them and figure out how you need to come across. To make sure your strengths and values connect with your target segment, take advantage of our Personal Coaching:

• How to project your strength and values in your photo

• Which wardrobe combinations may work best for your purpose

• How to leverage body language to project credibility

• Which colors may work best for your specific purpose

• How to look professional, approachable and competent in your photo

Pull out all the stops with Concierge Service:

To use everything we offer and make your executive headshot portrait the best you can, we offer the Concierge Service class of headshots. If you think you may need us to take care of anything in particular, include a wardrobe consultant, or provide you with hair or makeup services, Concierge Service may be for you. We start with a 30 minute chat where we talk about any special needs you may have and how we can best help you. If you think that Concierge Service is for you, just book yourself a chat to move forward.

Choose from 3 options

Book your Executive Business Headshot session and we’ll craft a clean and professional looking headshot for you


Book your Executive Business Headshot  and include Personal Coaching to have your photos promote your own specific strength as well as your core values

Schedule a chat where you can share any specific concerns or needs you may have, and where we can introduce you to our Concierge Service

Social Media Special through May only!

Book your Social Media Special via online appointment booking and get two Executive Business Headshots with Personal Coaching for the price of one. Just make sure you select the Social Media Special when you book your appointment.

With your Executive Business Headshot session, you will be part of the  creative process. We edit and touch-up your photos with you watching, making sure your photo is exactly what you want it to be. And you walk out with the final product, knowing exactly what you will receive.

Next steps:

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Our Executive Business Headshot Guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with your Executive Business Headshot, you pay nothing. Just let us know before you leave.

If you find yourself not loving your Executive Business Headshot as much as you initially might have thought, you can schedule a free reshoot, as long as it is within 30 days of your initial session.

Executive Portraits: Like you - Only better ...

Our clients tell us that they love the level of detail we apply to our Executive Portraits

We take the time to educate our clients about body language and what it communicates, what wardrobe will work best for them, where to stand, how to stand, what face to make, and even what kind of smile they may need in order to convey their strength.

Not only that, but we apply the latest technology with the skill and experience to clean up your image so that you still look like yourself - but better.  Here are just a couple of our before-and-afters, so you can see for yourself just what we mean. To see  even more, click here.

more before and afters

How we craft great Business Executive Headshots

The difference between our Executive Business Portraits and an average headshots is, of course, the result. And that is based on the effort that we put into it. Getting a clean, crisp, professional looking photo that communicates your strength to the fullest does take more time. Check the table to see what that entails.

Virtual group phots of your team ...


C1M Executive Portrait

Common Man's Headshot

Pre-consultation to find out which core values you'd like to get across



Number of different looks



Wardrobe and makeup advice



Appointment length

1 hour +

15 minutes

Guidance on how to stand, how to smile, and even what face to make



At least 2 sets of digital capture of around 12 images



Collaborative editing and image selection



Walk out with your clean and edited photo files



Reshoot if necessary

FREE for 30 days




Minimal / if any




Getting a group shot of your whole team can be a headache. We can make it easier for you.

Do you find it hard to schedule your whole team for a group photo? And what if you finally get everyone together, get a photo you all love - which is no small feat - and then someone new joins your team? You have the choice of starting all over again, or of continuing to use an old image that no longer depicts your group accurately.

We saw our corporate clients struggle with this conundrum time and time again. And so we came up with a solution. We call it Flexigroups.


Here's how Flexigroups will make your life easier:

Our Flexigroup program is designed for teams of five or more. Although you can, of course, come to the studio together, you don't have to, and that is the beauty of Flexigroups. We photograph each member of your team individually, allowing you the maximum amount of flexibility in scheduling. Then, using the latest technology, we assemble a group photo from the individual images. You will never know that everyone wasn't photographed at the same time.

If your team grows or gets reorganized, you never have to come together for an updated team photo. Individuals can be added or removed as you wish. If your team expands, you just send us the new members.  We photograph them and the group photo gets reassembled to include them seamlessly.

In a nutshell, here are the advantages of a Flexigroup team photo:

• Each team member can schedule their photo session to fit their own schedule

• Your complete team does not have to be present to take a team photo

• New team members can be added as your team grows

• Changes to your team can be updated without requiring everyone to get together for another team photo

• If a team member would like to retake their photo, no one else needs to do a reshoot

• We can take the best photos of each photo session to assemble the group photo

• Updates are quick and painless

To find out if Flexigroups are for you, please call us at 603.673.8200 and ask us about Flexigroups for your team.



Let the truth be told

Client Testimonials

Professional executive business portraits

Understands How to Create an Image That Shows Personality


There's a difference between having your photo taken and working with somebody to make a picture together. I almost instantly felt extremely comfortable with Walter, because I could tell he understood that. He wanted to know why I needed the picture and what I wanted it to convey. I didn't want a picture that would look artificial. I wanted my personality to come out in the photograph. It was great to work with Walter, and I think the result is fantastic.


Jen, Amherst, NH

Photo That Shows Trustworthiness Will Bring in Business


My old photo didn't look professional enough to show that I had confidence and that I was comfortable in my own skin. I was looking for something that would show a level of confidence, that would show clients that they can trust me, just through looking at the photo. The photo Walter took for me looks amazing. I look confident and successful, and I will be able to bring in more business with it. I think it came out really well. - More...


Jenna, Boston, MA

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Professional, Inviting LinkedIn Profile Picture Boosts Confidence


My LinkedIn profile picture was very amateur. I wanted something a little more professional-looking and inviting for networking in my industry. I wanted people, before I meet them, to want to partner with me. I have a lot more confidence putting this picture up than with the photo I had before.


Jessica,  Merrimack, NH

Exceptional Experience Yields Photo That Exceeds Expectations


Because I haven't had good headshots in the past, I was sort of dreading my session. I thought my picture would just be something that went on my company website and that I'd never show anyone. My expectations should have been higher because Walter exceeded them, and the experience was just exceptional. This is a photo I'll use on social media and anytime people need an image of me for publication. Walter captured me exactly as I want to look when people meet me for the first time.


Carolyn, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits

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Professional executive business portraits

Makes You Part of the Process; Like Being With a Friend


I would definitely recommend C1M to anyone who needs a headshot. I don't think there's anywhere else in the area that you could go to get the quality, the professionalism, and that feeling of not being just a client, but a part of the process - almost like a friend. I'm walking out with three great photos that I love.


Anna, Merrimack, NH

Personalized Experience Makes C1M Worth the Drive


I've had other professional headshots and honestly, I've never had anything like this before. Walter came very highly recommended, so I came in expecting to be able to trust him and his judgment, and I'm very happy I did. He walked me through everything as he did it, and I was able to see even before the shoot how small posing adjustments can affect the look of a photograph. Walter personalizes the experience to make the final product the best in can be. I'd tell anyone who's looking for a headshot, even if they're not in the area, it's worth the drive, because Walter is like no other photographer I've worked with before.  I think anyone would be very lucky to be able to work with him.


Jennifer, Raymond, NH

Professional executive business portraits

Headshot Gives an Extra Edge to Help in Professional Development


I knew I needed an executive headshot. I was very worried that my photo would not convey the level of professionalism I need. Working with Walter, I am overwhelmingly surprised in that my photo not only looks very professional, it also conveys a level of friendliness and confidence that communicates with people. Walter took the time to explain his process and all the details that make a great headshot. I found his guidance to be very helpful and reassuring. Working with Walter will give you an extra edge in your photo that will help you in your professional development. - More...


Sarah, Brookline, NH

Friendly, Professional Guidance and Superior Results


I worried that I wouldn't look the way I wanted to in my headshot, but Walter knows exactly what he's doing. He guided me in a very friendly and professional way that made the process quick and painless. And the results showed at the end. I feel like I look approachable and the best that I could look on this very day. Two thumbs up!


Lisa,  Concord, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Comfortable Process and Quick Results


I was excited to have photos done, but at the same time, there was some anxiety, just because I didn't know how the whole process would work. Walter started my session by explaining why he photographs differently than many other people. Understanding that gave me confidence in his skills. I was comfortable with why things were being done the way that they were, and we were able to get an image we liked very quickly. It was great to be a part of the creative process during editing, too.


Lauren, Weare, NH

Skilled Editing Leaves You Looking Like Yourself, Only Better


I was worried that I would not look photogenic at all. That I would not look the way I want to portray myself.  Coming to C1M I found the opposite to be the case. The photos turned out great. I am very photogenic. The slight tweaks Walter made to the photos are amazing and made me look very natural.  If you are thinking about getting a headshot with Walter, your results will be there..


Jennifer, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Great Ability to Create Natural and Friendly Photo


My main concern was getting a headshot that looked natural. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I think Walter did a really nice job of giving me direction to make my photo look more natural and friendly and normal instead of stiff and uptight. He has a great ability to explain why certain poses look differently. I learned a lot, and I'd definitely recommend him.


Heather, Nashua, NH

Professionalism of New Photo Will Appeal Potential Employers


I didn't like the lack of professionalism in the profile photo I was using. Walter was very knowledgeable and very helpful with tips about what works and what doesn't for a professional shot. I think the profile photo he gave me will appeal much more to potential employers when they search on me after I go on interviews.


Nicole, Amherst, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Education Through Coaching Was Invaluable


I'm really looking forward to spreading the word about C1M, because I enjoyed my experience and I know I'll be back. I don't think I could buy the education that Walter gave me through his coaching. It definitely make the process stress-free! My headshot projects credibility, and I come across as trustworthy and young and fun, which was exactly what I wanted. Walter did a great job. - More...


Marlana, Manchester, NH

Willingness to Try Different Poses Meant Natural, Softer, More Artistic Photo


Before I came in, I was concerned that my photo would look very posed and artificial instead of being natural, softer and more artistic.  I found that I was very comfortable with Walter and that his photography is very professional. The facility is great, and Walter's technical knowledge is certainly evident.  Even more important is his flexibility.  He was willing to try different things, which allowed me to try more than one pose.  I would recommend Walter in a heartbeat.  The finished product speaks for itself.  I really like my photograph, and I think that anyone walking into Walter's studio would feel comfortable and would be pleased when they left.


Deb, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits

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Professional executive business portraits

Professional and Caring Process Gave Her Image She Was Looking For


I hoped I'd be able to represent myself in my headshot the way I wanted to. I like the fact that Walter took the time to get to know what I was looking for, as well as to help me understand his process for taking the photo. He was professional, but caring, and I'm very happy with how my photos came out.


Courtney, Londonderry, NH

Light Airy Image Perfect for Her Chosen Profession


You should definitely book Walter for your headshot. He's so talented and easy to work with. I'm very happy with my photo. The white background gives the relaxed, light, airy feel I wanted. I couldn't have done any better anywhere else.


Katherine, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Vast Knowledge and Unhurried Process


I get anxious about having my picture taken, but Walter was wonderful to work with. He has this vast wealth of knowledge about what a particular pose is going to portray. We were able to get the first round of shots very easily and then spent time assessing which images were the best. I didn't feel rushed, and that really helped to ease my tension.


Julie, Manchester, NH

Collaborative Process Gets Desired Results


I had my headshot taken by Walter just a couple of months ago, but a lot has changed in my life since my first headshot. I feel like I'm a different person. I feel more comfortable knowing who I am and knowing my career path, so I wanted to update my photo to best represent who I feel like I am now. Walter was understanding and willing to work with me. He has a good eye for things that I don't see, and he's also easy to talk to. I can be honest with him and then we can work together toward the result I want. I think the photograph that came out of this session was very, very good.  - More...


Jennifer, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Professional, Caring, Comfortable


I would absolutely recommend C1M for headshots. The whole process, from start to finish, is so professional, so caring and so comfortable. I would tell anyone who was feeling any trepidation about getting a headshot to put those worries aside, because when you walk in the door of C1M, you're going to leave with something you feel really good about. - More...


Gemma, Manchester, NH

Preparation Means Less Time in the Spotlight With Great Results


I hadn't had a headshot taken since my high school senior picture, so I was really apprehensive before my session. I expected to come in and just be constantly taking pictures and to have a tired smile by the end. It wasn't like that at all. Walter made me feel at ease right away. He explained everything ahead of time, walking me through the process and showing me examples. I didn't have to spend much time in the spotlight. It was a great experience.


Kari, Atkinson, NH

Professional executive business portraits

Works Through Nervousness and Does Amazing Work


Ordinarily, I hate my photos and am nervous about having my picture taken, but I wanted a professional headshot. Walter helped me work through the nervousness I felt at the beginning, and he does amazing work. I think my headshot is great, and I can't wait to use it.


Stacy, Concord, NH

Comfortable Being Predominant Face of Website With New Headshot


I was hesitant about how my photo would turn out, especially as it's planned for it to be the predominant face on our website. After seeing the great work that Walter did, I feel much more confident. Walter was able to tweak the photos to bring out the best in me. I was impressed to see the difference from start to finish, and I think the highly technical nature of the work he does is outstanding. C1M is a hidden gem tucked away in Amherst.


Liz, Concord, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Careful Listening and Collaborative Editing Yield Fantastic Headshot


Before I came to C1M, I was nervous and wondered how my picture would come out. Walter is very calm and welcoming, and there wasn't anything else going on in the studio at the time, so we could both stay focused on the task. He also did a wonderful job explaining the process, and I loved the idea of editing my photo collaboratively. I was very impressed by his knowledge and that he took care to listen to where I was coming from and what message I wanted my headshot to send. I would absolutely recommend C1M. Walter's work is fantastic, and he made getting a headshot a low-stress process.


Kristen, Durham, NH

Fun, Professional Experience With Amazing Results


Working with Walter was a surprisingly fun, as well as professional, experience with an amazing end result! I don't think any photos I've ever had taken before have risen to this level.  Walter is definitely a man with a talent, working his craft with a lot of knowledge and expertise, and I'm very pleased to have been able to work with him.


Linda, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits

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Headshot Communicates Credibility and Competence


Having my headshot taken at C1M was a smooth process that yielded a professional result. Through intentional posing and outfit selection, Walter and I created a photo that conveys a high degree of credibility to my target audience. He helped me see how the slightest movement impacts the message that my photo will send. After the shoot, he quickly made edits that incorporated my feedback and brought out the best in me. I am confident that my headshot will represent me well to potential clients.


Tesni, Hooksett, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Brought Out Different Emotions to Create Connection in Professional Way


I do not like to be photographed because I do not like the way I look in pictures. But there is a big difference between photos that your friends take and photos that are professionally done. I love the way my headshot came out, because we got rid of all the flaws. I loved how Walter changed the lighting to make it more dramatic on my face and I loved the way he worked with me to bring out different emotions to create a connection. The whole process was very comfortable and easy. If you are thinking about an executive headshot, come see Walter. Be ready to have fun and know that you are going to leave looking like a model in the photo.


 Shelley, Hudson, NH

Step-By-Step Explanations Made Process Easy


I really enjoyed the way Walter explained everything he did as he was doing it. Of course, as an engineer, I like to know how things work, so being able to see the step-by-step editing process was also impressive. I would definitely recommend C1M.


Cecelia, Milford, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Work Is Always Impressive


I would be comfortable recommending Walter to anyone. I've worked with him for a while as a model, and I'm always impressed with his work. C1M is a very professional environment. I think my headshot is fantastic.


Kaleigh, Hollis, NH

Professionalism and Warmth Brought Out Her Best


Of course, Walter is very professional, but he's also a very warm person. He made me feel comfortable right away, and I didn't feel like I had to  try to look different than I normally do in order to have a good picture. He brought out the best of what I already look like and framed in such a way that I can market myself the way I want to for my job.


Sarah, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Professionalism, Quality, Ease and Efficiency


I would recommend C1M Photography for four reasons: the professionalism, the quality of the image, the ease of getting to the studio and getting the photo done, even on a short deadline, and the efficiency of the entire process. Walter put me at ease, and the headshot he took is better than I could have anticipated or expected.


Elizabeth, Nashua, NH

Created Photo That Projects Desired Persona


I don't feel that my personality comes across well in still photos. Since I'm seeking a position where people are going to be seeing my face a lot, I wanted to be sure that there wouldn't be anything that might look off-putting in my headshot. Walter was willing to work with me to really understand what I wanted out of my session and to tell me what he thought would be most beneficial. He took into account not only what I was wearing, but what sort of persona I wanted to project. I was very appreciative of that, and I'm happy with the image we ended up with.


Sarah, Peterborough, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Professional Image Captures Personality and Sends Right Message


I'm very pleased with the headshot Walter took of me. I appreciated the time he took to ask me about what I do and the degree to which he thought through the nuances of the message I wanted the photograph to send. I was also impressed by how quickly and expertly Walter edited the photo. It captures a lot of who I am while still being professional, and it's something I'm going to be really happy to share.


Janet, Nashua, NH

Headshot Session Was So Comfortable That It Was Fun


My biggest concern was about my posture and my overall body language. I'm very pleased with the final outcome of my headshot. I think it's a great picture - and, thanks to Walter's ability to make me feel comfortable very quickly, having it taken was fun.


Sarah, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Communication and Knowledge Made Shoot a Great Experience


I thought I'd be uncomfortable having my headshot taken, but it was a great experience. Walter walked me through the process and made sure I understood everything, including what different color choices in my wardrobe would communicate. I appreciated that he listened to me if a photo didn't look the way I wanted it to. I was impressed not only by his knowledge of photography, but also by his knowledge of the psychology behind taking a good photo.


Paige, Manchester, NH

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Preparation and Collaborative Editing Delivered Desired Image


Before I met with Walter, I was concerned about how my headshot would look. Walter was well-prepared and walked me through the process. He helped put me at ease, and let me be part of his editing process. I'm glad he included me in that. I look the way I wanted to look. Ultimately, Walter gave me the polished, professional image that I was looking for.


Heather, Milford, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Pre-Shoot Preparation Extremely Helpful


Walter provided me with information before my headshot session, so that I knew what to bring and what to be thinking about to prepare myself. He was really easy to work with and made the process enjoyable. Not only is he very knowledgeable, but he did a great job editing my photo and making sure that I came across the way that I wanted to.


Katherine, Manchester, NH

Coaching Boosted Confidence, Creating Impressive Results


I felt like it would be intimidating having my headshot taken, but Walter was very nice to work with. He helped me feel confident in myself. I liked that the editing was a collaborative thing and that Walter took his time to make sure the headshot was just right. Details that I wouldn't think would make a difference actually made all the difference. I'm really impressed with how the photo came out.


Katy, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Loved the Professional, Comfortable, Welcoming Environment


Walter's studio is awesome. It's much more professional and comfortable than other places I've been to have headshots taken, and much more welcoming. I'm very happy with the headshot Walter created for me.


Sara, Nashua, NH

Enjoyed Being Involved In Choosing and Editing Final Image


Having my headshot taken by Walter was a good experience. He walked me through the instructions as to how to pose, and I appreciated having the context as to why those details were important. Being a part of choosing the final image and getting to watch the photo-editing was great, too. I knew, before I left the studio, that I was pleased with the end result.


Jenna, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Images Look Professional, But Still Like Her


I wanted my headshot to look professional, but still like me, and I think Walter accomplished that perfectly. I liked that I was able to give input on the photo editing and that Walter was able to accommodate all of my ideas.


Rebecca, Bedford, NH

Appreciated Comfort, Skill in Adjusting Images


I struggle with my self-image, so the entire experience of having my photo taken is usually one of discomfort for me. Walter helped me to feel more comfortable, and I'm very happy with the photo he took of me. I'd recommend him, not only for the quality of his work, but also for the comfort of the experience and his skill in adjusting the images and customizing them for the business purpose for which they're intended.


Alycia, Nashua, NH

Professional executive business portraits

Headshot Accurately Portrays Friendliness and Confidence


Before my headshot appointment, I was worried about the photo not looking the way I wanted to present myself. I'm very happy with the image that Walter took. I think it came out accurately portraying me as friendly and confident. Walter made sure I felt comfortable through every step of the process. He explained to me what he was going to do before he did it and edited the photo while I was there so I could see the final product.


Kathleen, Nashua, NH

Knowledge of Body Language Was Extremely Helpful


Walter is very friendly and easy to work with. His knowledge of body language was very impressive. That wasn't knowledge that I was armed with beforehand, and I found it extremely helpful to the process of taking a professional photo.


Abigail, Londonderry, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Informative Pre-Shoot Chat Made Process Easy


It's my first time having a headshot done, so I had no idea what to expect. I really appreciated all the information available on the C1M website. It helped me understand the process before my appointment. Walter is extremely informative. He explained what he was doing as he did it and made me feel very, very comfortable. It was a great experience. - More...


Leah, Warner, NH

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