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Why you absolutely, positively need to look your best

Your headshot is your representative in the field ... the first impression your prospect receives about you.

Whether you want to portray yourself as competent, confident, professional, happy, warm, friendly, or something else, we guarantee we'll find your photogenic strengths to project your desired message, producing an image that will create the exact impression and impact you're looking for.

Personal Coaching makes all the difference:

You are unique. Who you are as a person, where your strengths lie - those qualities belong to you alone. To show your specific personal strength in your photo, along with the personality and core values you want your prospects to see, we need to define them and figure out how you need to come across. To make sure your strengths and values connect with your target segment, take advantage of our Personal Coaching:

• How to project your strength and values in your photo

• Which wardrobe combinations may work best for your purpose

• How to leverage body language to project credibility

• Which colors may work best for your specific purpose

• How to look professional, approachable and competent in your photo

Pull out all the stops with Concierge Service:

To use everything we offer and make your executive headshot portrait the best you can, we offer the Concierge Service class of headshots. If you think you may need us to take care of anything in particular, include a wardrobe consultant, or provide you with hair or makeup services, Concierge Service may be for you. We start with a 30 minute chat where we talk about any special needs you may have and how we can best help you. If you think that Concierge Service is for you, just book yourself a chat to move forward.

Choose from 3 options

Book your Executive Business Headshot session and we’ll craft a clean and professional looking headshot for you


Book your Executive Business Headshot  and include Personal Coaching to have your photos promote your own specific strength as well as your core values

Schedule a chat where you can share any specific concerns or needs you may have, and where we can introduce you to our Concierge Service

Social Media Special through May only!

Book your Social Media Special via online appointment booking and get two Executive Business Headshots with Personal Coaching for the price of one. Just make sure you select the Social Media Special when you book your appointment.

With your Executive Business Headshot session, you will be part of the  creative process. We edit and touch-up your photos with you watching, making sure your photo is exactly what you want it to be. And you walk out with the final product, knowing exactly what you will receive.

Next steps:

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Our Executive Business Headshot Guarantee:

If you are not 100% happy with your Executive Business Headshot, you pay nothing. Just let us know before you leave.

If you find yourself not loving your Executive Business Headshot as much as you initially might have thought, you can schedule a free reshoot, as long as it is within 30 days of your initial session.

Executive Portraits: Like you - Only better ...

Our clients tell us that they love the level of detail we apply to our Executive Portraits

We take the time to educate our clients about body language and what it communicates, what wardrobe will work best for them, where to stand, how to stand, what face to make, and even what kind of smile they may need in order to convey their strength.

Not only that, but we apply the latest technology with the skill and experience to clean up your image so that you still look like yourself - but better.  Here are just a couple of our before-and-afters, so you can see for yourself just what we mean. To see  even more, click here.

more before and afters

How we craft great Business Executive Headshots

The difference between our Executive Business Portraits and an average headshots is, of course, the result. And that is based on the effort that we put into it. Getting a clean, crisp, professional looking photo that communicates your strength to the fullest does take more time. Check the table to see what that entails.


C1M Executive Portrait

Common Man's Headshot

Pre-consultation to find out which core values you'd like to get across



Number of different looks



Wardrobe and makeup advice



Appointment length

1 hour +

15 minutes

Guidance on how to stand, how to smile, and even what face to make



At least 2 sets of digital capture of around 12 images



Collaborative editing and image selection



Walk out with your clean and edited photo files



Reshoot if necessary

FREE for 30 days




Minimal / if any




Virtual group phots of your team ...

Getting a group shot of your whole team can be a headache. We can make it easier for you.

Do you find it hard to schedule your whole team for a group photo? And what if you finally get everyone together, get a photo you all love - which is no small feat - and then someone new joins your team? You have the choice of starting all over again, or of continuing to use an old image that no longer depicts your group accurately.

We saw our corporate clients struggle with this conundrum time and time again. And so we came up with a solution. We call it Flexigroups.


Here's how Flexigroups will make your life easier:

Our Flexigroup program is designed for teams of five or more. Although you can, of course, come to the studio together, you don't have to, and that is the beauty of Flexigroups. We photograph each member of your team individually, allowing you the maximum amount of flexibility in scheduling. Then, using the latest technology, we assemble a group photo from the individual images. You will never know that everyone wasn't photographed at the same time.

If your team grows or gets reorganized, you never have to come together for an updated team photo. Individuals can be added or removed as you wish. If your team expands, you just send us the new members.  We photograph them and the group photo gets reassembled to include them seamlessly.

In a nutshell, here are the advantages of a Flexigroup team photo:

• Each team member can schedule their photo session to fit their own schedule

• Your complete team does not have to be present to take a team photo

• New team members can be added as your team grows

• Changes to your team can be updated without requiring everyone to get together for another team photo

• If a team member would like to retake their photo, no one else needs to do a reshoot

• We can take the best photos of each photo session to assemble the group photo

• Updates are quick and painless

To find out if Flexigroups are for you, please call us at 603.673.8200 and ask us about Flexigroups for your team.



Let the truth be told

Client Testimonials

Professional executive business portraits

Subtle Touches Create Photo That Conveys the Right Message


Before coming to C1M, I wondered whether I could really get a photo that would convey what I wanted to convey. Walter has an impressive knowledge of photography and an ability to pull out subtle things that make a big difference. I'm very happy with my headshot.


Chad, Brookline, NH

Applies Psychological Principles to Taking Photos in a Unique Way


I'm new to the workforce, so I need a picture that shows people that I'm professional and that I can do the job. I'm pleased with the headshot that Walter took for me. He applies psychological principles to taking photos in a way that is, I would think, unique. It's hard to believe there's anyone around here who could take a better, more professional photo.


James, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Responsive, Supportive, and Highly Professional


I needed my headshot done on short notice. Walter's responsiveness and ability to support me were exceptional. In addition, he added an unexpected dimension to my session by explaining why he was doing what he was doing. That was incredibly fascinating and helped me, as the subject, do a better job, making the process more efficient. It's fantastic working with Walter. I would certainly recommend him because of his level of professionalism and the quality of his work.


David, Milford, NH

Comfortable Environment Encourages Questions and Understanding


Going into my headshot session, I was concerned that I wouldn't be comfortable, but Walter took time to extensively explain his process. He provided an environment in which I was comfortable asking questions, so I understood why certain things were being done and what the outcomes were. I was impressed by how quickly we were able to get everything done. There was really no wait between the photo being taken and me seeing what the final product was. That was a welcome surprise.


Mike, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits

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Professional executive business portraits

Passion For the Work Means He Takes the Time to Do It Right


I wanted a well-done, professional headshot for my company and for marketing purposes. The detail and the information on C1M's website really set it apart from other studios. I could tell that Walter is passionate about what he does. That told me that when I got here, Walter was going to put the effort into creating a nice image. His approach is relaxing, it's friendly. He clearly knows what he's doing and takes the time to do it right. You don't see that a lot. Walter takes the time to really understand what his client needs and how he can best help somebody. I think the photos are excellent.


Rob, Nashua, NH

Preparation Before Shoot Yielded Better Than Expected Result


Before I got in front of the camera, Walter and I sat and talked. He asked me some questions to find out exactly how I wanted to be presented. That preparation on the front end helped me to figure out what I wanted, and then we worked to make that a reality. I didn't imagine my headshot would be as good as it is. I'm very pleased. - More...


Will, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Image Conveys Confidence, Professionalism and Approachability


I'd been wanting to get a headshot for LinkedIn. It was important to me to get my professionalism and confidence across through the picture. Walter walked me through how different emotions are conveyed and what people perceive in pictures. His directions in how to accomplish what I wanted to were clear. I think my headshot came out great. The qualities I wanted to show - confidence and professionalism and approachability -  translate through it very well..


Travis, Bedford, NH

The Place For Those Who Take Their Image Seriously


If you take how you appear seriously, then Walter is the guy to come to for a headshot that portrays that. He listened to what I wanted to achieve with my headshot and then put a lot of time and effort into getting it absolutely perfect. He explained how everything he was doing would help me get the photo I wanted. I had a great experience at C1M, and I think the product speaks for itself.


Kyle, Manchester, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Knowledges of Body Language Produced Best Photo He's Ever Had


The headshot that Walter took for me is probably the best picture I've ever had. He used his knowledge of how body language impacts the person viewing the picture to direct me so that I look trustworthy and confident and competent.


Nicholas, Nashua, NH

Headshot Exceeded Objective of Professional Presentation


I would recommend Walter, first because of his professionalism and secondly because of his approachability. I felt like I connected with him and could talk to him about the business setting I want to be in and how I want to portray myself in it. He was knowledgeable enough to take those details and give me just what I was looking for. With this headshot, I not only achieved my objective, but exceeded it.


Pascual, Hudson, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

LinkedIn Photo Makes Employers and Customers Want to Reach Out


I wanted to update my LinkedIn photo to one that was more professional and warmer - a photo that would make both employers and customers want to reach out to me. The headshot Walter took for me came out better than I could have hoped for, and it wasn't an all-day project. It was a very easy process. I think anybody would be happy to work with Walter.


Dustin,  Manchester, NH

Enjoyed the Comfortable and Collaborative Process


I'd never done headshots before, so I didn't really know what I was getting into. Walter made it a great experience. I felt very comfortable talking to him, and I liked that we could collaborate on what the photos would end up looking like.


Peter, Amherst, NH

Professional executive business portraits
Professional executive business portraits

Minor Adjustments Had Major Impact


I was impressed by Walter's attention to detail. Seeing the photos at the beginning of the session and then seeing how different they look because of the minor adjustments Walter made was really nice.


Michael, Merrimack, NH

Attention to Detail Made These His Best Photos Ever


I wanted my photos to look good, of course, and I was concerned with making sure all the details of my appearance were attended to. Walter was able to do that. These are the best photos I've ever gotten, and I'm excited to redo our marketing with them.


Peter, Bedford, NH

Professional executive business portraits

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